• Eyes to See | Needs to Meet

Eyes to see. Needs to meet

In the wake of the fast-paced shopping season John Key and Emily Bridge, among others, were on a team set to be in Belize for a week. John and Emily both were able to send some photographs they took while they were on sight in Belize helping provide for people in need.

This is when we need to take some time to appreciate the myriad of privileges we are afforded by living in the society we do. If we look at our day to day we can see that we use gallons of running water at multiple times throughout the day. Some of us have the choice of which restroom to use when we need to use it. What we have ready access to now only goes unnoticed when it is taken away.

Lord give us eyes to see.

Thankfully, He’s answered this prayer.

We, CSI, do what we do because the Lord has opened our eyes to the needs of our brothers both near and far.

CSI has had the wonderful opportunity of fostering a relationship with people of Belize. The Unity Presbyterian Primary School down in Belize City were in need of a larger restroom facility and after months of planning the Lord provided a team of people from eleven different states to bring the resources and labor to provide for this need.

The projects on the site include:

  • Drilling through 9 inches of concrete with an impact drill for a shower and toilet plumbing
  • Hand-mixing concrete
  • Casting shower/toilet stalls
  • Cleaning out a storage room while also sharing songs, books and being with the children.

We are so grateful that the Lord has continued to allow CSI teams to meet physical needs while also sharing the love that Jesus Christ has for the people they encounter. We trust that He will continue to open our eyes to the needs of those around us. The reality is that there will need to meet and we need people to go with us to meet them.

Would you consider going with us? Or, would you consider sending us and others?

Either are the right responses. Some of you might do both, but to do neither would be worth reconsidering.

Where would you like to serve?