Huntington Nursing in Belize – a candid expose

Disclaimer: There are some heavy topics included in this blog post; viewer discretion is advised. 

Escaping the cold just barely, our team from Huntington University has been spending the last week with Belizeans in Belize City and near Dangriga. After landing in Belize City, the team traveled through the jungle to serve kids at a camp. At Legacy/Kids Konnect for Jesus, the team of nursing students helped present the importance of taking care of personal health as they will grow into adolescence and adulthood.  

Much of the conversation had at the camp included talking about God’s design for sexual intimacy to be designated for marriage and that it is a good thing when done rightly. They also discussed many of the consequences that come from sexual intimacy happening outside the confines of marriage. This was and is an important conversation to have with the children for many reasons. 

One reason is that the sexual climate in Central America is riddled with violence and human trafficking and the victims are both adults and children. Belize’s neighboring country, Guatemala, has been working together to educate and train national police to protect children from sexual violence with the International Justice Mission. This was such a valuable conversation for the Huntington Nursing students to be having with children in Belize. The Child Mind Institute published a list of ways to teach children skills in an effort to prevent sexual abuse. Our world is sexually broken and many of us have experienced sexual brokenness in a variety of ways. We must raise children in-light of these realities and what amazing common grace we have to see organizations helping educate us in effort to see less sexual violence for future generations.

We are having our eyes opened to more needs of people in the places we have been serving for years and our hearts continue to break at the knowledge of the human trafficking and sexual violence that is happening all around us. Whether it happens down the street or in Central America both are unacceptable, and we mustn’t sit idly by.  

Lord help us. 

After the team was finished with serving at the kids camp, they ventured back through the Belizean jungle and returned to Belize City where they would spend the rest of their trip. On Sunday, January 13, they spent two-and-a-half hours worshiping at Eagles Nest International Church Belize lead by Pastor Howell Longsworth after which they spent their time reflecting on their time with the Belizean people and see just how they saw the Lord moving in and throughout everyone they encountered including themselves. They will be wrapping up their clinics and visitations with people in hospice and other care facilities in the following day. 

We’re so grateful for the Lord’s favor on this trip with the nursing students from Huntington and our ongoing partnership with the school. We look forward to sending more teams from Huntington University in the future.

Where would you like to serve?