Dear friends!

As most of you will be aware, my planned 4 weeks away from Jamaica in June turned into 5 weeks in Ireland and 3 back in Indiana because of Immigration issues. This bittersweet time was, however, filled with blessings and precious, unexpected moments with my grandkids…I was also able to get the original documents needed for my Jamaican Work Permit.

All the while, the Women’s’ Ministries I’m involved in Highgate and Clonmel, continued – with the help of strong leaders who are being encouraged in their faith by Bible Study and interaction with other women.

  • Clonmel Baptist Women meet twice monthly and they have upwards of 20 women (some non-church members) on any given evening. They are becoming more active within their community and some join me on regular Prayer Walks. Their Pastor, Travis Drummond, is passionate about Outreach and Discipleship, which fits perfectly with my role!
  • Thursday morning Bible Study in Highgate Library has been well attended and is a great way to witness to others in a neutral environment as we study God’s word.
  • An unexpected Ministry opportunity came through Ranch Church of the Nazarene when Pastor Brian Doyleyinvited me to help start a weekly Prayer Ministry in Annotto Bay Hospital. This has led to at least four people coming to Christ, and one Baptism which I was privileged to attend.
  • I’m excited that Pastor Paul Hemmings and his wife, Georgia, are keen to pursue working with me to begin a
    dedicated Women’s Ministry in their church.
  •  I have also been individually mentoring 3 women, all single mothers, one of whom has re-dedicated her life to
    Christ. Please do pray, though, for the one whom I have lost contact with.
The August Way weekends had a huge impact on the men and women that attended – both guest and team. I was blessed to be the women’s Lay Director, with 16 team members joining me, from Indiana AND Northern Ireland! We had a wonderful weekend, with 2 re-commitments, both of whom I have been following-up and encouraging in their walks.
We have several teams booked in 2020 to build homes and do ministry in Jamaica.  Of those, two Indiana churches that support me, Galveston First Baptist and Lucerne Christian are bringing teams to CSI, Highgate for the first time in 2020!!  This is another confirmation of my Call to serve the Jamaican people.

Perhaps my biggest thrill has been to see Pastor Brian and Pastor Travis begin working together to facilitate a weekly Sunday afternoon church service for patients and staff at Annotto Bay Hospital, an answer to prayer!

I was humbled and honored when Pastor Travis asked me to be an Usher at his Ordination on September 12. There were almost 700 people at this event, and when one of his deacons introduced me as their ‘white Jamaican’ it moved me to tears… It is indeed, my home away from home!

Currently, I am back in Indiana awaiting my Jamaican Work Permit.  In the Passion Translation of Romans 8: 25 and 27 it says “So because our hope is set on what is yet to be seen, we patiently keep on waiting for its fulfillment.” Then verse 27:
“God, the searcher of the heart, knows fully our longings, yet He also understands the desires of the Spirit, because the Holy Spirit passionately pleads before God for us, his holy ones, in perfect harmony with God’s plan and our destiny.”

 WAITING IS NECESSARY BUT HARD!   While I wait, I have been busy.  My activities include;  Updating at 5 churches – (1 new) conscious of the importance of renewed/continuing financial support AND prayer partners;   Met with two
Missions committees; Connected with many individual supporters who continue to encourage me on my journey to Jamaica – even though I continually ask myself,  ‘why am I here and not there?’

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