Hello from Jamaica friends!

Just wanted to take some time to update you on the ministry being done here in Jamaica while we await the coming holidays and have a bit of a respite from the work of the summer. Sue and I are doing well. We just returned after a month in the US seeing as many family and friends as possible while trying to get some rest and recuperate from a crazy June, July, and August. We are very excited about all our teams accomplished in 2019 and are proud of all their hard work and the difference they made in so many Jamaicans’ lives.

By the time 2019 ends we will have constructed 29 houses and almost 400 people will have come through the doors of our mission house!  It’s been a great year of growth for both CSI Jamaica and in the lives of our short-term missionaries who have served here.

One of the things we love is praying with people and we had so many opportunities to do that with our American friends this summer. We saw many miracles take place; mentally, spiritually, and physically. For some reason, God uses this place and us to change peoples’ hearts and draw them to Himself. I wonder sometimes if simply not having an internet connection or cellphone data opens up space for our missionaries to hear from God in a way they do not in the states. We see it week after week. Except for pictures, our friends put their phones away (what else will they do with them?) And the Holy Spirit begins to work in amazing ways- speaking, teaching, drawing, and calling. I always wonder if the same thing would happen at home?!

A special thanks to the teams who came to Jamaica this summer. They built homes for those in need, ran Bible schools, had a basketball camp, led Bible studies, held Jamaican retreats, interacted and prayed for our Jamaican friends, gave of their time, talents, and treasure, and loved on each other and Jamaicans in dramatic, life-changing ways. Thank you to Grace UMC, Upper Deer Creek Church, Oak Hills High School basketball team, coaches, and moms, Mayfield First UMC, Mt. Zion UMC, Harborside Christian Church, the Bingaman Team, Etta Meek Team, St John Lutheran, and the leaders of The Way retreats! We appreciate all you did for us and for Jamaica in 2019!

We are so grateful for your prayers and support as we are now in our third year in Jamaica. Please continue to pray for us as we seek wisdom for what God would have us do in the future. We have some very important family concerns we are praying through and are resting in the presence of our Lord Jesus knowing He will give us discernment for what is ahead and peace to live in each day. We are praying that we will be present wherever God has us and “all in” wherever we are. We pray for you as well that you will live with softened and teachable hearts, ears to hear His voice, and that you will walk in His ways, wisdom, and power as we work together in the Kingdom of God.


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