TRUST & FAITH – thoughts from Kip Worrel, Team director

I sit here this morning thinking and praying about all that is going on and the chaos in the world today. I remember back to a mission team in Belize with Huntington University in January of 2019 and their team leader Nancy who ask each person on the team to write down two words that best described their week, I quickly wrote down two and turned them into her and headed off to my room to prepare for their departure the next day. I cannot remember those two words, but laying on the bed praying and thanking God for such a great week I realized in my hurry up mode they were not what He wanted me to say.
God gave me two words that night and I have lived with them from the moment I told her of my changes. As I continue to lead teams and as I sit here this morning it is no secret that those two words will continue to give me  and I pray for you too the strength needed to get through these troubling times.
Trust  (Isaiah 12:2) I will trust and not be afraid
Faith  (Psalm 117:2) The faithfulness of the Lord endures forever

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