Dear Friends!

When Jesus told us as the church to “Go” in Matthew 28 he didn’t present this command as a multiple-choice option from a list of other things the church should be doing. Frankly, “Go” is plan “A” and there is no plan “B”. So, then, if we are a follower of Christ then we need to be part of the “Go”!

Have you thought about what part of the great commission is your part? Are you going somewhere? Far to another land? Toward the next state? Across the Street? Or are you praying specifically and persistently for those that have been called to “Go” who need encouragement and guidance? How about sharing funds to help those who are called to physically go so that they are capable of concentrating solely on their mission?

CSI Ministries is passionate about the “Go” that Jesus laid out for his people. We invite you to explore and experience firsthand the blessing of going to serve somewhere that may need your distinct personality, particular talent and encouraging presence so that you and others may more fully see Jesus in your “Go”. Do not doubt yourself; we have places waiting just for you! Maybe you have the heart of a giver and are looking for effective places to direct your gifts paving the way for active ministry and a compassionate touch of the love of Jesus? We have many places needing that help. A gift toward the “Go” is an investment yielding eternal benefits often far beyond our dreams!

We must realize most of all that the “Go” is not just a physical activity but a spiritual endeavor. It is a jump into the direct lines of spiritual warfare. To fight spiritual battles we use spiritual tools! We need people to pray actively for us for guidance that we may make wise, God-honoring decisions. Pray that we will meet every person with grace and joy showing that we are truly the ambassadors of Jesus Christ himself. And pray that people are lifted up to be missionaries, financial partners and willing volunteers to fulfill the mission that God has laid out for us – to bring people closer to Christ through short term missions. We witness so much long term impact through all of you as you commit to the “Go”!

John Key, Executive Director

Todd and Sue Austin have been a blessing to the teams and staff in Jamaica for the past 3 years. We are excited to see where God is leading them in their ministry. Please continue to pray for them as they return to the states in March. Your continued financial support is greatly appreciated as they are transitioning over the three months following their return. CSI has been greatly blessed by their service in Jamaica and know that God is leading them in His perfect plans.

Capital Campaign

This year we are believing and seeking funds and gifts in kind of $250,000. This will allow for a new large truck that is essential in Jamaica and help move us toward solar power for the Guesthouse. In North America we are pursuing a Mobile Laundry Truck for disaster relief and assistance for established homeless ministries. In Belize we need a base of operations solidified to ensure safety and consistency while in Guatemala we are exploring promising relationships that just seem right for CSI. And in the headquarters, we need to keep technology current and a smoothly operating staff, as well as software and hardware necessary behind the scenes to ensure we communicate well, remaining legal and ensuring accountability.

Tools Needed

  • Efficiency, Infrastructure, & Transportation
  • Laundry Trailer, North America Ministry Outreach
  • Technology, Software, and Hardware
  • Guatemalan partnership and infrastructure
  • Additional office staff reacting to growth
  • Marketing and development modernization

Special Thanks!

We are thankful for the talent of our friend Todd Scoggins of Clayborn Studios who graciously is traveling to all our ministry locations to capture the essence of what CSI does.

Celebrating 30 years of service!

Mary Buffington enjoyed a celebration event on Saturday, December 27th. Join us in saying thank you to her for all her dedication and service to CSI Ministries.

CSI is celebrating our 100th student supported in the Jamaica Student Support program. We are excited about where God is leading this ministry in the Highgate area and the impact it has on each student and family. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, go online to The support of $30 a month will help pay for things like taxi fare, lunch, books, shoes, and uniforms to ensure the student can attend school consistently.

Sponsor a Child

How to Pray for CSI

We firmly believe in the conviction and power of prayer. Please pray specifically for personnel in Jamaica. Pray that God will prompt the perfect people to be full time missionaries. Pray for Bob and Rebecca Weaver, missionaries to Belize, who are underway speaking and fundraising. If your church or small group would like to have them visit, let us know. Pray for a smooth transition to full time at CSI for Executive Director, John Key ( in addition to moving). Pray for teams traveling to Belize, Jamaica and in the U.S. this year and for our missionaries traveling to and from the field.

CSI is pleased to introduce our newest missionaires, Bob and Rebecca Weaver. Bob served with CSI Ministries on three separate occasions during his college years, and they believe it is a display of God’s goodness and faithfulness that He is calling them back to serve with this ministry. They are very excited to partner with CSI Ministries to serve God in Belize and trust that His gospel will go forth. Continue to pray for them to find the financial support required to make this transition from life in Ohio to full-time service in Belize.

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