Dear Friends!

This spring has been one we will all remember for generations to come. Here is an update on Coronavirus / COVID-19 in Jamaica and the highlights of a busy Spring 2020. Our last Team departed on March 14; One week later the last Medical Student departed two weeks earlier than scheduled on March 21, as requested by the US State Department.

All CSI Teams scheduled for May and June have canceled. Currently, our Jamaican staff is working part-time schedules. The Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, of Jamaica, has closed all schools, issued restrictions on gatherings, including churches – no more than 10 persons allowed. The Boarders (Airports and Seaports) have been closed since March 21. As of the writing of this newsletter, Jamaica has approximately 252 Cases and 6 deaths. There is a discussion that the Island nation may go on lock-down.

Because of your prayers and continued support, I am grateful that many of you lift me and this ministry up to our Heavenly Father, all I can say is, Thank You!

I know that God is Faithful, and He will see us through these challenging times and what the enemy may have intended for evil, He will use for Good! Romans 8:28

(ABOVE) House #1 Prior to getting her new house, Valarie slept under the stairs in her brother’s house for years.

House #2 Tasha & her 4 children were so happy to receive the keys to their new house!

Honeycreek Missionary Baptist Church, Indiana January 4 – 10, 2020
8 Churches – 4 Denominations – 1 Team, The body of Christ! Judy King, Team Leader, has been to Jamaica many times, but not her Church. Years of hoping, praying and a leap of faith, opened the door; Then a year of planning, team meetings and fundraising all came to fruition for her group of 15 women and 1 man when they arrived for their first-ever international mission trip. The team attended a lively Church, visited a Children’s Home, Nursing Home, and built two houses in a place called, “Africa” (No Passport Required).

Campbell University Medical Students, North Carolina
January 11 – February 8
Making rounds, assisting in Theater (Surgery) and baby delivery, and a lot more.
These Third-Year, Campbell University Medical Students, served for one month at the Annotto Bay Hospital and Annotto Bay Health Centre. They are going to make great physicians!

Merrell Bro’s Company, Florida & Indiana
January 27 – February 1
Thanks to – Merrell Bros., Inc., a nationwide biosolids management company for bringing a few of their staff to serve the Jamaica people. They built three houses by day, and hosted a “Dad Camp” each evening for Fathers & Children!

Downing & Lovelace Team, Indiana
February 1 – February 7
CSI’s Oldest Serving Team – Stan Downing of the Downing & Lovelace Team, has been serving in Jamaica for 27 years! They built two houses this year in the pouring rain. It was a challenge just getting to the worksite as it turned into a riverbed.

Anderson Hills United Methodist Church, Ohio
February 22 – 29
This team represented five different Churches from Ohio. Led by Lisa Lockwood, and Nancy Newton, they come every year and do what they can to help as many as they can!

Indiana Wesleyan University Nursing Team, Indiana February 29 – March 7
A Team of Fourth-Year Nursing Students lead by Dr. Deb Parker, of IWU, toured medical facilities in St. Mary and Kingston. The Team taught two CPR classes for CSI Staff and local school principals and teachers and conducted a Community Health Fair in the town of Richmond, St. Mary.

Campbell University Medical Team, North Carolina
March 7 – 14
A Team of medical students and doctors conducted free medical clinics along with pharmaceutical services at four Churches in different communities throughout our area of Highgate, St. Mary. In addition, they offered prayer support to each person too.

Campbell University Medical Student, North Carolina March 7 – 21
Thanks to Arianne for working, learning, and serving at the hospital and the health centre. She got one last photo with Pinto (CSI Cook) prior to head-ing to the airport earlier than scheduled due to the US State Department issuing that all Americans return to the USA because of Coronavirus.

Todd & Sue Austin (Missionaries) September 2017 – March 2020
In September 2017, Todd & Sue Austin, arrived to serve as Host & Hostess in Jamaica. Like many missionaries, they wore several hats and juggled multiple responsibilities. In addition to all aspects of team management, Sue helped in the Jamaican office with payroll, monthly taxes, bill payments, etc. Her sweet spirit and willing attitude were evidence of Christ’s love to all she met and worked with. In addition to making us all laugh, Todd, a gifted musician, preacher, and speaker opened the scriptures and helped feed our staff and teams with spiritual food. His love for the Lord was evident in his life. In Luke 10: 38 – 42, the story of Martha and Mary, Todd often encouraged us to be more like “Mary,” to set and fellowship with Jesus, rather than being distracted by busyness like Martha. Todd often said, he was “God’s Favorite!” When a parent has children, all are loved equally, and Todd preached we are all – God’s favorite! During the Austin’s term of service, they were able to pray and counsel with many CSI Team Members and Jamaicans; It was amazing to see God move in the lives of many they prayed with, bringing spiritual and physical healing to their minds, bodies, and souls! I am grateful for Todd & Sue’s service, friendship, companionship, and their help in this work and ministry!

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