Due to the current restrictions from COVID-19 in Belize, public transportation is not open.  In the areas where CSI Ministries teams serve this is how most families get to work and to the local groceries and markets.  Our partners in Belize shared with CSI that the families in their church and community were not able to get access to food, let alone have the funds to buy it due to many jobs being shut-down due to the pandemic.

Before the day of giving even started, we had partnered with one of the many churches we have worked with for over 15 years,  Kingdom Life Community Church in Belize. Pastors Jimmi & Sandra Lee  Jones were able to deliver food to -31  families.  “All the families were so thankful and we were so excited to be God’s Messengers of love.  Thanks to CSI and the donors, ” Jimmi & Sandra Lee.

“Thank you to CSI and all those who donated to the amazing ministry to over 26 families but over to 100 persons! We concluded the process today and everyone was very grateful!”

If you would like to collect food items to deliver to a community in need, we would be happy to assist!  Supporting others during this season is what we are called to do!

God Bless,
CSI Ministries Team

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