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8. Choose how you want to donate, where you would like it to go, and how often.

Software Update

You may have noticed or heard that we are updating our software and donor management system. After much deliberation and review, we went with Network for Good (NFG) – For the past 3 months, we have been transitioning from our old software Denari to NFG.

Why does this matter? One word – visibility!

With this new software, we are able as an organization to have greater visibility on both the front and backside! Our teams can see where they are in their fund-raising efforts, and we are better able to support them with this process. Each team and team members will have their own ‘landing page’ to share and market (much like you do now with GoFundMe or other third party sites). In addition, our staff can help manage the accounting side and have a greater understanding of where we are financially and on engagement. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it’s a step in the right direction. If you are a recurring donor (i.e. sponsor a student or missionary) please update your account so that your donations will still be drawn from your accounts.

Missions Re-imagined 2020

With travel being limited or completely halted since March we’ve had to realign our teams and think differently about what CSI is able to provide. We refer to this as ‘Missions Re-imagined’. While our long-term goal is still to return with teams to the field to serve, in the short-term we are still looking to God to guide our staff and missionaries where He feels we are best called.

A good example of this is happening next week in Jamaica. We are hosting a Virtual House Build with the Delphi United Methodist Church (Delphi, IN). Follow the journey with them online at

Instead of boarding a plane and flying down to Jamaica to build a home in the warm Caribbean sun, this team of 22 is sharing the load with our Jamaican staff who become the hands’ feet on their behalf.

The team will connect via “ZOOM” and share devotions with the staff and recipient family via videos. There will be optional activities to do in the U.S. to ensure they still get the ‘mission house’ experiences…like cold showers, no internet or cell service, and delicious Jamaican food. [please note – nothing in the U.S. compares to Pinto’s cooking]

The Delphi team had been planning for a year to fly down in June. Like many of our other teams, they are still planning to travel in 2021. Until then, we have multiple families in line and waiting to get a build a home. As we have stated in the past, responding to God outweighs responding to the need. The need for teams and homes will always be in Jamaica. But we as an organization are to respond to God! What is he calling you to do?

In North America teams are starting to form and be prepared to ‘Go’. The opportunity to serve in North America will come quicker than our international counterparts. Recently Curt and Michelle, North America Directors took a small team to Mountain Mission in Grundy, VA where they installed 167 blinds. “We thank you, Lord, for the ability and the opportunity. We accomplished something lasting while growing deeper in the Lord as a group in the process,” stated Curt Turanchick,” Such a special thanks to John Fansler at Budget Blinds for your heart and passion for Jesus!”

Another way we are ‘re-imagining’ missions is to serve our U.S. partners. On a recent call with our partners in Missouri at Shiloh Christian Children’s’ Ranch, we asked how we could support them. Their answer surprised us, but also allows us the opportunity to think differently about serving.

God calls us to respond to Him. So, we did. We started a new campaign and have raised over half the funds needed to build a Frisbee Golf field for the students living on the ranch. Since 1977 Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch has provided Christian homes for abused, neglected, and other at-risk children. These homes are run by ‘host families’ who are there to meet the spiritual, emotional, educational, social, and physical needs of each child. As you might expect, engaging any child right now during a quarantine is a big challenge.

The team at CSI prayed about this and decided to make this opportunity available to our friends, team members, and supporters. Making an impact in the world in a way that draws others closer to Christ is our mission. This objective fit right in that box for us.

If you or your church are interested in serving in North America please contact our Directors Curt & Michelle Turanchick. or

In Jamaica, our staff is ready for the teams to return due to Covid-19 the general atmosphere in the country is more cautious and not as welcoming. Recently our Executive Director John Key met with Jamaican pastor’s who are enthusiastic about coming alongside CSI to follow up house recipient families and much more. They are eager to be at the house builds working to create relationships in the communities to share the Gospel long term. And it all starts with a house!

On May 5, we raised close to $5,000 during our Giving Tuesday Now Campaign.  These funds benefited community food pantries in Belize, Jamaica, and North America during COVID-19.

In Jamaica, we just recently partnered with multiple food programs at different churches in the Highgate area. They were able to buy supplies to feed their parishioners and nearby families in need.

Field Missionary Updates

Sue & Todd Austin
Since their returned from Jamaica to the states in March Todd has been facing a new physical challenge. He has been recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. While the condition is treatable, we are believing God will heal him completely. Sue is helping care for him and they could use our continued support and prayers as they navigate the “new” season of being back in the U.S. during a pandemic along with a health crisis. We know God is in control and will see them through this season, but want to share this request with all who love and support the Austins!

Mike Ginter
In early June, once the Jamaican border was opened, Mike Ginter flew home to Kentucky to start his six month sabbatical. After serving in Jamaica as the Field Director for the past five years, he will be using this six month furlough to recharge. Continue to pray for Mike as he has been holding down the fort in Jamaica during the outbreak of COVID-19. During his stay in the states, we are blessed to have volunteers and staff in Jamaica to help us as we continue to support and manage our outstanding staff there. Our ministry continues, but in a different way without teams (at the moment).

Deirdre Graham
Having been on the island since February Deirdre is serving with limitations during the COVID-19 conditions. There are several churches doing food pantries and she is working with them and doing remote Bible studies and prayers within the neighborhood where she serves. Please continue to pray for her health and safety as she works to engage and encourage the Jamaicans.

Bob & Rebecca Weaver
With travel being limited, Bob and Rebecca are continuing to pursue their calling to serve in Belize. They are waiting upon the Lord to be missionaries in Belize. Their support is coming in and they are waiting patiently for God to bring them safely to Belize with their family.

Travel and Teams

What’s our plan for the rest of 2020 and 2021?

We are planning to promote and schedule teams as usual starting this fall. But, with ever-changing conditions and rules including shutdowns, quarantining and social practices we have to keep in mind flexibility and potential changes that may happen with little notice.

We strive to be as informed as possible concerning the countries, states, and even communities where we partner and serve so that informed decisions can be made. We need to communicate with each other well and keep praying for God’s leading and timing

Rosalyn Ann Stuckey
Sheridan, Indiana | Apr 21, 1936 – Jun 24, 2020

“Rosayn and Gene Stuckey were foundational people at CSI catching the fire for missions and serving on teams early in CSI’s existence. As a long-serving board member, Rosalyn had great wisdom, long patience, and a sense of wit that earned everyone’s respect, love, and a good laugh. Through traveling on multiple teams to Haiti, Jamaica, and beyond people in many countries come to know Rosalyn as an awesome woman of faith, always strikingly positive and a great listener and friend.” – John Key, Executive Director

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