Dear Friends,

Sometimes we just get a bit weary. In an atmosphere of social unrest, political rancor, economic upheaval, and societal incivility it is tempting to just find a little mountain retreat and become a hermit. Can you relate? Even the church’s patterns of worship and outreach have been disrupted and stalled. Are we going to settle for this? The writer of Hebrews gave us a strategy in the first two verses of Chapter 12 to use especially in tough times.

“And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus,  the pioneer, and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him, he endured the cross…”

We are not done! CSI was on a good and effective path meeting needs physically and spiritually in a broad array of ways and places. And then it stopped! Did the physical and spiritual needs stop? Did the mandate of the great commission stop? No, but it did get tougher! We must persevere with the use of two powerful tools – a laser focus on Jesus and an attitude of joy.

At CSI we have committed to prayer seeking the will of Jesus moving forward. It has been a time of angst and amazement as we slowly move past our invasive fears into a priority of faith. With this confidence of faith precious gifts of peace, patience and joy have settled among us. This does not mean the path has fewer obstacles, is easier or will ever return to before when life was “good”. In fact, the path is significantly more challenging! But the goal is still the same and as unchanging as Jesus who is leading us. So, what should we be doing?

  • We Must Pray –We will begin with prayer and pursue and seek an unceasing life of prayer. We must invite, teach, and mentor prayer with those whom we partner and whenever and wherever we serve. It fixes our eyes on Jesus!

  • We Must Go –The great commission in Matthew 28 is still our command. Where we go, how often we go, and what skills we use to serve when we go is different for everyone. But, we all are commanded to ‘go’ being ambassadors of Jesus. We must be His hands and feet to any and all we meet.

  • We Must Give – God loves a generous giver. He loves generosity not necessarily because it just meets a need, but because it reflects His heart of generosity and love demonstrated by His many blessings to us. Again, giving is a matter of the heart, not a matter of amounts, agendas or status. Out of the passion of our heart other’s needs, spiritually and physically, are enthusiastically met.

Now you know our way forward. You may not see specifics because they will be fluid. But, you do see that we will be fixing our eyes on Jesus all along the way. And we are committed to joyfully follow even if it is not how or where we have been before. But go we will! And we are committed to give, building up and impacting those economically challenged or spiritually seeking.

How are you praying?

Where is your ‘go’?

And what are you to give?

I cannot answer that for you. Although we are committed to praying with you, to exploring with you how and where you are called to ‘go’, and to be a good steward of all you give as we carry out our mission.

Will you partner with CSI through praying, going and giving?


John Key | Executive Director | 765.286.0711

Thanks to the generous support of a donor,  during the month of December every dollar donated to our year-end campaign is being doubled up to $16,000.

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