Dear Friends!

I have been very busy since I returned to Jamaica in September.  One encouraging and exciting aspect I’d like to share is the new, developing relationship with the Pastor’s Fraternal.

Ainsley Davis has done a sterling job explaining how the change of direction in CSI Jamaica’s Ministry will support and empower the local churches, merely facilitating their needs where possible. The churches will be pouring into their communities, CSI and teams working in the background.  All pastors I have spoken with are grateful and appreciative of the new Ministry direction. I am looking forward to working with Ainsley as we develop our discipleship roles together.

The Food Outreaches made possible by May’s ‘Giving Tuesday Now’ appeal had a huge impact on many local churches, nurturing relationships with pastors we already worked with and meeting new pastors who have since joined the Fraternal!

I continue to disciple two ladies who came to Christ during Clonmel Baptist July Crusade. One of them is very active in the Women’s Ministry and the other helps with Youth Fellowship on the weekends she comes home from Kingston. November was Crusade month at Ranch Church of the Nazarene: ‘Operation Rescue’ where we hope to have baptisms on the last Sunday, 29th!!

I am one of the prayer/counseling team during the Crusade. Though Bible Studies are mostly still online/phone/text we have met in-person a few times and have regular Prayer Walks, with several churches involved.

The Youth Event in August was a great success, with one young lady giving her life to Jesus. A wonderful mix of worship, fellowship, Bible teaching and fun, despite Covid restrictions! AND – five churches involved with pastors in key roles on the day!! We are excited to be planning another Event on December 21st and delighted that two more churches have come on board. The pastors have developed a great rapport through working together, in an effort to reach youth in the local area.

Pastor Travis Drummond held his first Praise and Worship workshop/retreat at the Mission House on Saturday November 7. One of the wettest Saturdays in a LONG time! It did not deter the attendees who blessed us abundantly as they learned how to enhance their talents while praising and worshipping God! The presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible! It was heartwarming to hear their combined voices as the Mission House resonated with true PRAISE! How we have missed this interaction! Pastor Travis, and others, have plans for many more occasions like this!

Our volunteers; Doug, Ladeana & Pete have been key in so many areas – virtual house builds, small (and larger) projects in the community, supervising the Jamaican staff, maintaining the day-to-day running of the Mission House, and not least, encouraging me in my role!

They have integrated well with the locals and their regular church attendance is welcomed by all the pastors with whom we have good relationships. It blesses me to have folk to spend ‘down-time’ with – processing the cultural challenges that sometimes arise!

One Tuesday evening, I had invited two pastors for dinner…we ended up with six around the table (loaves & fishes!) and had a wonderful time of prayer and fellowship after our “Jam-ire-ican” meal! Such a blessing!!

Pastor Brian from Nazarene Church and Pastor Travis from Clonmel Baptist have agreed to hold a joint service on the 3rd Sunday in December – an answer to one of my BIG prayers!! We hope to do this at least twice yearly, and I’m encouraging other pastors to consider similar services as time allows. ONLY GOD!!

My prayer is that Covid restrictions decrease and our plans to host teams in  Spring 2021 come to fruition. I have overcome many challenges since March and experienced countless blessings and encouragements, but I long to get back to “face-to-face” Ministry!

Ainsley Davis is a welcome addition to CSI Jamaica and there are amazing plans to move our Ministry forward whilst glorifying God. We are eager to prove ‘what these days have made of us’!! We want to be ‘God’s LOVE in action’! I hope you will partner with us – help us to fulfill these ambitions!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every friend who prays for me and the ministry daily!  Your love and support is felt all the way here in Jamaica.  I am sustained by your continued support both spiritually and financially.

“The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it”

Blessings to everyone!


© CSI Ministries