Dear Friends,

Our year is off to a great start and we wanted to share some updates with you about our 2021 plans and where CSI is headed.  More importantly, we wanted to show you what God is doing in our ministry in Jamaica, Belize, and closer to home in North America.  

While the year 2020 was a challenging year for teams, it was an amazing time for us to hear and respond to God’s plans for our ministries.  He is still in control, and ensuring everything we do aligns with the assurance that we are bringing people closer to Christ.  It’s about exposing His truth and gospel.  We just can’t get on a plane, fly to another country and do ‘short-term missions’ as we did in the past.  While we wait for travel bans and quarantines to open up, we are moving swiftly to ensure the ministry continues.  And it’s not just surviving, it’s thriving!  Thank you for continuing to align with CSI and help us follow through on His call for us since 1967!

In Jamaica, we were able to engage more with the local pastors and let them ‘drive’ the relationships for the Home Builds, and further their discipleship in the communities where the homeowner lives.   We have been able to use the mission house to host two local events a Teen Youth event (similar to Flawless in the U.S.) and also utilize our amazing property for an all-day Praise and Worship training.  We are working in conjunction with multiple churches in the area…and more importantly, they are working with each other!  This is such a rich blessing to them and to us.  We have testimonies from some of the pastors in this local network to share.   We have also kept our CSI Jamaican team busy on projects at Pringle Children’s home, a few schools, and another Virtual House Build. (scroll down to see photos and videos of these events and more)

Closer to home, we have launched a new ministry, building beds.  A simple project that can have a lasting impact on a child who has never had their own bed.   

Just because your team can’t travel out of the country in 2021, consider doing a virtual build or working together to build beds and fill a need in your local community!  We would love to help your team to look at their ‘GO’ differently.  Reach out to one of our home office staff and we will get you plugged in!

December 21, Youth Event at the Mission House

Six different churches joined their leadership to host a second teen event at the mission house in Jamaica.  The 32 students. pastors and staff were blown away by the impact of this day of learning, worship and fellowship.  In attendance were 21 girls and 11 boys….the outcome, 5 gave their lives to Christ!  A victory for the kingdom. A special thanks to Flawless and Elizabeth Jernagan for their guidance and ideas.  The boys were able to align and call their event Fearless”

We are working with these pastors to help them host another event in February.  While they are engaging with their own students and families, they are also gleaming the benefits of nurturing each other – and forming friendships.  A common thread is CSI.  We are thankful for this season to use our facility and team to help them grow stronger in their communities.

  • Pastor Travis Drummond; Annotto Bay and Clonmel Baptist
  • Pastor Akeno Hamilton; New Covenant Ministries Intl, Annotto Bay
  • Pastor Tyrone Linton; Enfield Baptist (one of Travis’ charges)
  • Pastor Brian Doyley, Ranch Church of the Nazarene
  • Pastor Anna-Kay Henry-McGregor; Bethel United Church
  • Pastor O’Dane Thompson; Grace Christian Ministries, Highgate

A.I.M.  (A Way in a Manger)

Bed Building Program

With the limitations on travel, we decided to bring the mission to you!  Our teams have been able to build beds (complete with mattresses, comforters and pillows) for families in need in our area.  We supply all the materials, tools, and plans for a team to build 1 bed or as many as you’d like.  We are working with local agencies to find the need for the distribution of the beds. This idea came to us from our friends down in Kentucky at the Freeda Harris Center.  They provide beds in a program called A.I.M….away in a manger modeled after how Jesus entered the world.

Making a bed is a simple thing we can do but the impact to that child is much greater.  Many of our bed recipients have never had their ‘own’ bed, let alone one that has been prayed over, blessed, and made with such great care.

We are excited about where this ministry is headed and welcome you to join us.  You can sponsor a bed for $250, sponsor a team and build beds or just donate to our A.I.M ministry.


Watch the video of the project outline prior to our building the walls and sliding door creating two spaces from one large area.

Our CSI Jamaican staff was able to work on this project thanks to several donations towards this effort.  While the room is nowhere complete, we have started in motion the actions and structure to ensure it’s well on its way!

Merrell Bros Virtual House Build

Our team on the ground in Jamaica was able to facilitate a great build last week for Nancy in Annotto Bay.   The Merrell Bros team in the states was able to watch, share devotions and experience the virtual build every day as the photos/videos came in from the field on a website for their team.

With a new process in place, the home recipient was chosen by a pastor and his church, and the build was led by that church and their team.  It’s a great blessing to the home recipient – as they are able to stay connected and be nurtured after the build.  In this case, Pastor Travis was able to connect with a young mother with 3 boys in need.  Her son was active in his church.  

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