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John the Baptist seems to be a bit of a tragic figure. He had a miraculous birth and then it seemed downhill from there for a lot of years. He failed at setting a fashion trend with his camel hair attire and his culinary skills were a bit lacking. But living in the desert he probably did not have much of a social life anyway. Then his time came! People from near and far flocked to him adsorbing his message of baptism and repentance. Matthew says, “People went out to him from Jerusalem and all Judea and the whole region of the Jordan. Confessing their sins, they were baptized by him in the Jordan River”. He became the rock star of the moment making an incredible impact and splash! And, to top that, he introduced the world to Jesus in a dramatic baptism orchestrated by the Father Himself. He was the center of the world!

You would think that the next time he ran into Jesus he would play to the crowd continuing the glow of fame and success, but instead, he humbly declared with a passion, “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30) It was not about the crowds, the fame or the work for John – it had become about Jesus, so much that it was a complete joy to glorify Jesus above himself.

This year at CSI we are committing to live out John 3:30 in all we do. We want to share less about the activities in which we are engaged and highlight the impact and complete joy of what happens when we step back allowing Jesus to be even greater. Some amazing stories of grace are coming!

We are praying for many more people committing to serve on teams, for a praying base lifting up CSI to boldly follow where Jesus is leading and an abundance of giving partners to share financially providing the necessary means to have even more impact for the Gospel. We can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

John Key, Executive Director | 765.286.0711

Virtual House Builds Jamaica | Building up the local church. We are partnering with the local pastors and they are helping us select the house recipients. They have been a real blessing to the home recipient and CSI Staff. We are including their members in the entire process from bringing lunches at the building site to offering to assist with the house dedications. The house recipient then is able to stay connected with the church after the build is complete. It’s a win-win for the body of Christ in Jamaica and our staff is able to work too! God is using this ministry for CSI to empower and equip the local church to do His work.

Due to the economic climate right now in Jamaica, the material costs have increased. Our current house price in 2021 is $4500.

In addition to doing the virtual house builds, our relationships with the local pastors of multiple Church denominations have yielded a great return for the Kingdom! We are seeing them engage with each other and develop new relationships. Recently we hosted our third youth event at the Mission House. (YOUTH DAY VIDEO) We are so thrilled to see the youth taking the next step in their relationship with Christ. They are learning to have fun, trust in Jesus, and seeking guidance and support from each other. Our staff is still working 3 days a week and we are so thankful for this season to have Ainsley Davis on the team to help us guide and encourage them. We have weekly devotions on Friday mornings with the entire team and are encouraging each of them to be mindful of how they can give back and serve. With their help, we have started a “MANNA MEALS PROGRAM” for local churches to deliver home-cooked meals prepared at the CSI Mission house by Pinto and some church members. The churches will deliver all the meals to share the love of Christ to their neighbors in need.

One meal is $10. The ten dollars will cover the food, supplies, staff, etc. needed to operate this program.  SPONSOR A MEAL HERE

Imagine how tasty Pinto’s cooking is! We’ll be sharing videos and stories of her making the chicken, rice & peas! We’ll also connect with all the different churches we serve alongside and share those photos/stories in an email and on social media.

We are actively connecting teams and people who want to be in Jamaica with the ministry and CSI staff they love. Our facility has been a great asset that we want to use for the Kingdom when teams are not able to travel (and when they are).

We also used the mission house to host an Annotto Bay church fund raising dinner for about 50 people. What a blessing to have the ability to give back.


We are already booking teams in Jamaica for 2022 departures. Our U.S. Partners are slowly opening up too. We have listed all the Open Team dates and locations for serving on short-term mission trips.  Please contact us if you want to schedule a team in 2021 or 2022.

Even though, like in the United States, the students aren’t able to attend school ‘in person’ they are still receiving their monthly support to help with the Internet and phone expense associated with virtual learning. We are so thankful to all the sponsors who are dedicated to this ministry and continue to support their students. We pray that many continue to see this as a great opportunity to connect with a family who will benefit greatly from your $30 a month. AND – the best part is when you are in Jamaica serving, you can connect in person with your student. There are new 19 female and 13 male students waiting to be sponsored on our website. Sponsor your student now and make plans to meet them when you are in Jamaica in 2022 with your team!

Our ministry in Jamaica is still continuing! The local churches are engaged and are choosing the home recipients, leading the build and working with the family before, during and after the home is built. It’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold as we record and share the messages, and process with the team here in the United States. The Jamaican staff is also benefiting from the work and we are thankful for this fruitful ministry that has blossomed. Learn more about the virtual house builds here.

We believe in the power of prayer! The best support you can give us is to commit to praying daily for CSI. We are so thankful for all that God has done for us over the past 12 months, and we stand in agreement with God that we are following His lead.

We’ve created a new option to meet the needs right here in our own communities. We started offering to have teams sponsor and build twin beds – complete with pillows, sheets, and a comforter. A team can build as many beds as they like and CSI will manage all the materials, tools and help guide the team during a single or multiple day building time. We have our own off-site construction barn or can bring everything you need right to your church or facility! The beds are then distributed through your county or regional agency. This is a great alternative for 2021 if your team is not able to travel. Learn more .

Missionaries to the Caribbean

While we are waiting on Belize to open its borders more, the Weavers have agreed to shift their ministry to focus on the Caribbean – including Jamaica. We have started the work permit process while they continue to speak at churches and raise the needed funds to make the transition later in 2021. Currently, they are at 22% of their funding. Prayerfully consider supporting them or inviting them to speak at your church. We are praying and believing that teams will start serving in Jamaica in 2022.  Donations can be made to the Weavers here.


(Bob) 440.662.3231

(Rebecca) 440.413.1059

Walker, Kentucky

SPECIFIC NEED Help this ministry build a building to be used for a local food and clothing pantry to serve their community. They are supplying the lumber and we are to provide the concrete, and labor to build this building in the Spring of 2021. If you feel called to this, please consider joining on a team or make a donation towards this $6,000 investment in concrete.
TRIP DATES: SPRING 2021 | Mon-Sat | Walker, KY (CSI provides transportation) Team Fees: $450 per person

Non-construction or Light-construction teams are welcome to help with the many hands-on ministries offered by the Lend-A-Hand Center.
Contact CSI to confirm a date and share your team’s specific skills and talents.

Kissimmee, Florida

The doors are open, but this partner is not operating to 100% capacity just yet. The average number of families or recipients is still operating at 25%. In addition, the call for volunteers is lower. However, we anticipate that in late Spring, early Summer there will be a better opportunity to serve at this amazing ministry. Give Kids The World Village is an 89-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort in Central Florida. Here, children with critical illnesses and their families are treated to weeklong, cost-free vacations.

TRIP DATES: 2021 | Sat-Sat | Kissimmee, FL | Team Fees: $450 per person + transportation.

Seveierville, Tennessee

We are slowly seeing this partner open up to teams arriving as early as Spring! We are excited to return and share the love of Christ with the staff, house parents, and many students who live on the ranch. Wears Valley Ranch provides Christian homes, education, and counseling to children in crisis situations. Their vision is to see each child inspired to follow Christ, healed from the past, and equipped to reach their potential.
TRIP DATES: 2021 | Sat-Sat | Seveierville, TN | Team Fees: $450 per person + transportation.

Tama, Iowa

The MESQUAKIE FRIENDS CHURCH in Tama, IA serves to support and minister to the Mesquakie Indian community located on the land adjacent to the church compound. We have been blessed to serve there following the wind damage caused by a terrible storm that ripped through the area. We would be able to take teams to do construction and repair projects.
TRIP DATES: 2021 | Sat-Sat | Tama, IA | Team Fees: $450 per person

Grundy, Virginia

Nestled in the Heart of Appalachia, Mountain Mission School provides a Christ-centered home, first-rate education, and a loving family to thousands of at-risk children from all corners of the globe.  Nearly every US state and over 80 countries have been represented in their body over the past 100 years.  A variety of projects are possible when you serve on a team here.  Upon request, we will coordinate your team’s trip.

TRIP DATES: 2021 | Sat-Sat | Grundy, VA | Team Fees: $450 per person

Elkhorn City, Kentucky

Our friends, Amy and Richard Greene, along with their son would love to have us bring a team to help them with different construction projects. We are not 100% able to evangelize or lead outreach programs but we want to always offer the opportunity if you feel called to head down for a long weekend or week.
TRIP DATES: 2021 | Sat-Sat | Elkhorn City, KY | Team Fees: $450 per person

*Please note that most of our short-term mission partners require a participant to be 16 years of age or older.
** CSI Ministries will adhere to all state and local safety guidelines in regards to COVID-19.

We are blessed to able to assist another ministry in need. Full-time missionaries, Jeanne & Dennis Cook, with VIDA Ministries have been serving in Panama since 1981. Their 68-acre ministry is located in the remote Darién province of Panamá, home to the Choco Indians and one of the world’s densest jungles. We are seeking team members to serve with us May 29-June 6, 2021 to tackle specific labor on big projects. Learn more here.

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