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There is a time for everything, and a season for everything under heaven.” Solomon being a man of great wisdom wrote these words In Ecclesiastes 3. But he further wrote in chapter 8 “and the wise heart knows the proper time and procedure.” So, there is a time for everything and everything should be done at the right time. When you do the right thing but at the wrong time, it can really cause problems.

Why do farmers plant in the spring? Because it is the right time! What would happen if some industrious farmer got an early start and sowed his crops in December in the snow-covered fields of the Midwest? He wouldn’t be smug for long as the unintended consequences of poor timing costs him a ton of money in lost resources, wasted time, and respect for his good name. He would be the hot topic in the town diners, barbershops, and church narthexes for sure.  We were invited to take a group to Panama and some North American teams are forming and ready to go in some places, but not all. For these places, the timing is just not right – yet. Belize is ready, Jamaica is not. Community missions in the US are ready, children’s homes and ministries, not quite yet. The time to take teams and services is when they are open and ready to receive us. Taking a team with all good intentions at the wrong time will have many unintended consequences because of poor timing in loss of resources, wasted time, and most important loss of respect for a good name. We will be patient and wait for the right timing.

Solomon also wrote, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver and gold.” (Prov. 22:1) When our teams serve, our ministry is effective in part because of our good name. We are often asked to partner in places because we are highly regarded. For this, we are very thankful. We are going full speed ahead where we are able and being patient for the right time for those places lagging behind. But when it is time – we are primed and ready to go all out and all in!


John Key, Executive Director | 765.286.0711

Quarantines and COVID curfew restrictions are still creating challenges for teams to serve in 2021 with CSI in Jamaica. We are optimistic about the progress. As we further develop our relationship with the local churches we are also creating even greater opportunities for teams to serve in 2022. Thankfully, the 2022 Calendar in Jamaica is filling up! If you want to hold a week for your team, family, church, or school, contact Jennifer at the home office. Email her at

  • Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch Open Team | August 1-5, 2021
    We have an exciting opportunity to help a partner in ministry. Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch has asked CSI tobring a team to their Kahoka, MO group home location to help them get it ready for the school year. Projects include light repairs, painting, and cleaning. Help us love on the houseparents who serve as the families of Christ for these at-risk children. Contact Kip Worrel if you are interested. 765.661.0908 or email
  • Lend-A-Hand Center, Walker, KY (Request a date and go!)
  • Freeda Harris Baptist Center, Elkhorn City, KY (Request a date and go!)
  • Mesquakie Friends, Tama, IA (Request a date and go!)


  • Wears Valley Ranch, Sevierville, TN
  • Mountain Mission School, Grundy, VA
  • Give Kids the World, Kissimmee, FL

July 6-13, 2021 | Installing the PA and sound system at Unity Presbyterian School and forming the sidewalks at Stella Marris. We have all of the equipment for the Unity project but need to raise $800.00 for the sidewalks’.

December 8-15, 2021 | Building a bathroom at First Stone Church and also serving at the partner schools.  No special skills required. Prayerfully consider joining us.

If you have any questions regarding travel restrictions please do not hesitate to ask Kip Worrel at 765.661.0908 or email

Shown above, Rebecca and Bob holding (from left to right) Nora (8 months), Samantha (5 years) and Anna (2 years)

Have you met the Weavers?

Get to know the family called to serve as Missionaries with CSI. We had a fun Q&A Session with both Bob & Rebecca.

What event or experience called you to serve?

Bob: I felt a tug on my heart to serve overseas on my first trip out of the country. It was a trip to Panama in 2009. It wasn’t a mission trip but just a trip I took with my dad. Seeing the immediate need and the living conditions of people really made me second guess the way I lived my life while people with so much need were getting little to no help. After coming home from that trip, I soon took another mission trip to Honduras where God continued to open up my eyes to the physical and spiritual needs of His children. My heart longed to stay with the people I had met and do not have to leave after one short week. In 2010, I took a trip with CSI to Jamaica. During this trip, I felt God placing two things on my heart. One was that I wanted to work with orphans, which would eventually lead us into becoming foster parents. The second was that someday God would move me to become an overseas missionary. God planned it out so well that He even led me to a wife who also had this calling. As I have now gone on several short-term mission trips, God continues to give me a heart for broken people and wanting to desperately share with them the good news of the gospel. Their greatest need isn’t for better living conditions or better churches or schools. These are real, physical needs that they have, and we can serve them by helping to meet these needs, but the biggest thing they need is for God to move in their hearts and to enter into a saving relationship with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. There are lost and broken people all over the world, and God has called me to go and move my family overseas to serve and love people and tell them about the only One who can save their souls. Through the work of meeting their physical needs, we can build a relationship with them to share the gospel. To be disciples making disciples in an area of the world where the physical and spiritual need is so great gets me extremely excited to see what God’s plans are as we continue to step out in faith. Matthew 28:19 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Rebecca:  I grew up in the church, and from the time I was a little girl, I felt God was calling me to serve as an overseas missionary. I loved hearing from missionaries when they would come speak at my church and during VBS I was always drawn to the missionary stories. I learned more about cross-cultural ministry from youth conferences I attended in high school and then the summer before my senior year, I was part of a ministry team that traveled across several U.S. states. It was during this 6-week ministry team that I really knew that God was calling me into full-time ministry. I had no idea what that would really look like, but I knew I loved the Lord and loved people. I decided to go to college and major in secondary education, and then to also get an endorsement to teach English as a second language. I’ve always been drawn to other cultures. I taught English as a second language for 5 years, and then got my master’s in school counseling and worked as a counselor for 2 years. Working as a teacher and a counselor were amazing years of ministry in the school setting. In the midst of those years, Bob and I had our first daughter and then became foster parents. We had many children in and out of our home and we’re so thankful to be able to love some of God’s broken children in very tangible ways. With the addition of our second daughter and being in the “thick of it” with foster care, Bob and I were praying for what direction God was moving our family. We really felt God calling us back to what He had placed on both of our hearts several years prior: to become full-time missionaries and to move our family overseas to build His kingdom in a different part of the world.

Why choose the Caribbean? 
Bob has gone on mission trips to Panama, Honduras, Jamaica, and Belize. Rebecca has been to Belize. During these trips, we have been broken by the amount of absolute poverty and the vast lack of resources. There is a huge disparity between the “have” and the “have nots.” We have seen how meeting a physical need can open the door to sharing Christ with someone and this is our ultimate aim. It certainly helps that both Jamaica and Belize are English-speaking countries!

What skills do you feel God has gifted you with (that you’ll share in the field)
Bob: God has continued to give me talents throughout my life when it comes to managing and seeing the big picture in projects and relationships. I have done well in using these in my field as a project manager. The gifts I am most excited about using are the ones God is growing me in when it comes to people in general and being able to share with them the gospel and also growing believers and working with teams as they come down for this mission as well. 
Rebecca:  I love building relationships with people through teaching and counseling. I love teaching children and youth ministries as well as leading women’s Bible studies. I know God will use my previous experience as a teacher and counselor for His glory. There is nothing better on earth than serving God and by His grace, being disciple-making disciples.
What are you looking forward to the most?

Bob:  Seeing how God wants to use our family for His good. Looking forward to building relationships with people and creating new disciples to spend eternity with and training them to go out and make disciples as well.

Rebecca:  I am so excited to see how God is going to change lives for His glory. He is going to use the ministry of CSI to bring people closer to Him, either by calling people into a relationship with Him for the first time or strengthening their already-existing walk with Him. I am looking forward to serving alongside teams that come down and also building relationships with the local people and churches.
What scares you the most about going?

Bob: Being able to get my daughters involved with kids their own age. Transitioning into a time where we don’t see family and friends and our support group as much as we do now.

Rebecca:  Leaving our family and friends back home is going to be the most difficult part and then making the adjustment for our family to learn a new culture and figure out a new normal for our family. 
Tell us about your family?

We have three beautiful, wonderful daughters. Samantha (5) is the best first daughter we could ever ask for. She loves to play outside, play games (UNO, Trouble, and Guess Who are her current favorites), and really do anything as a family. She loves to play soccer, go swimming, paint and make new crafts, have family movie nights, play with her two little sisters, and also have dress-up dance parties. She is an amazing big sister and is a super sweet, fun girl. Anna (2) has enough energy for the whole family combined! She brings a lot of life and joy to our family with her silly personality and her genuine love for people. I’ve heard it said that the middle child is the glue of the family, and it seems fitting for our Anna. She loves to do anything her big sister is doing, and she’s never too far from her little sister either. She gives the best hugs and loves to make people laugh. Nora (8 months) is an extremely sweet baby and we love her so much! She’s on the go, standing and cruising everywhere she can get, trying to keep up with her two big sisters. She fills our hearts and our home with lots of extra love and joy.

What’s one thing you know you’ll miss when you go?
Bob: Good ole fashion cheeseburgers!! Just kidding!! I will miss family and friends the most. Not being able to participate in people’s lives like we would if we were a car ride away is going to be a difficult part of the transition.

Rebecca:  I’ll obviously miss my family and friends the most, and I’ll definitely miss the Ohio Autumn and Winter. I love cooler temperatures and snow!
How would you both describe yourselves in one word?

Rebecca’s word for Bob: faithful

Bob’s word for Rebecca: compassionate

Our Virtual House Build teams are continuing. Recently Bethel United Church partnered with the Indiana team from Maple Run Friends Church who sponsored a home build for Bobby! Watch the build.

Building beds and impacting lives for Christ. Teams are enjoying the bed building and the need in our communities is ever-present. Thank you to the teams who  have helped build! Request your bed build today or sponsor a bed build!

If you have served in Jamaica and stayed at the CSI Mission House, then you know, the kitchen is the heart of the home! Nothing tastes better than meals cooked with love by our very own CSI Jamaica cook, “Pinto”. Her meals are always made with laughter, worship, and a warm smile.

Due to the recent invasion of termites (fondly known as “Chi-Chi’s” in Jamaica) our wood cabinets in the kitchen had to be torn out and rebuilt. We are replacing them with termite-resistant native wood, Spanish Elm. The Leamy brothers, nephews of Patrick Leamy are able to do the project for CSI. Shown here is Luke putting the finishing touches on the cabinets
before installing them. Expect to see a fresh new kitchen when you serve in 2022.

In Jamaica, our Student Support Program financially supports 100 students a month and is growing. We are thrilled to share this testimonial from a recent college graduate, Adrian Coombs. He plans to return to the Highgate area to work as a counselor at his former high school in the fall. Watch his story.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our Manna Meals program in Jamaica. We have sent down over 4,300 U.S. dollars. What a difference this will make in the church ministries supplying meals and food. Donate here

Missionary Deirdre Graham has been involved in local ministries, Bible studies and continues to develop discipleship opportunities.

A special thank you to the team of volunteers serving in Jamaica, Pete & Ladeana Jones & Doug Turanchick

Be praying for THE WAY teams happening in the United States.

THE WAY Goshen, Indiana – Men’s weekend August 19-22, and the Women’s weekend is  August 26-29.  In Florida, THE WAY weekend is  October 14-17 for both Men and Women.
Learn more about these weekends online at
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