Open teams to Jamaica are forming to work on CSI Jamaican staff’s homes!

Life in Jamaica has been challenging and we are dedicated to helping our Jamaican crew with significant home maintenance and repairs which they have had to postpone.

During the long Covid lockdown our Jamaican staff continued to work three days a week, but with no teams traveling to the island they were able to survive but unfortunately were far from thriving. Our staff are the backbone of the mission house and give consistency the work CSI engages in across St Mary parish in Northern Jamaica. We want to bless and honor them!

Many of our staff live in CSI homes that were built in the 1990’s in which they have lived continuously since. The longer you live in a house in Jamaica the more some little unwanted guests invade who love to eat your home! Pinto needs a complete new structure as the termites have damaged it throughout.  Pearlene and Eli need significant repairs to replace termite damaged areas while Anthony (Oney) has a kitchen that floods in the rain and needs to be reworked.

During the week of May 14th to May 21st our goal is to pour a pad for a new home for Pinto (20 x 20 with a kitchen and bath) and to work at Anthony’s (Oney) house repairing his concrete kitchen floor. If you have concrete skills or general building experience, you are needed.

During the week of July 2nd to July 9th an open team is forming to build a new house for Pinto and to repair the flooring in Pearline’s and Eli’s homes. Both have been devastated by termites and need replaced.

Donate to the Jamaica Staff Fund.  Our goal is to raise $18,000. To register or for more information contact CSI at 765-286-0711 or