First Jamaica Team in over two years! (Post 2)

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Wednesday through Saturday were just as good as the previous two days on the island. On Wednesday the team started on the work site and did a devotion before the team split for the day. The work site team worked throughout the day to wrap up the home for dedication on Thursday. Team 2 went down and worked in a school to tutor children one on one that were behind from no school during Covid. They worked with many children all needing different skills. One child was able to write his name for the first time which was a great success. The team did a great job at nor only working with the kids but connecting. We were able to promote the VBS through this activity as well. 

As night rolled around the VBS began. There were over 100 children on day two. Started again with worship and sharing the Gospel message. By the end of the VBS, 66 young people made the decision to follow Jesus for the first time. We could not have been more excited as the night ended. Before leaving the church, the team took time to practice their Bible lesson for the morning with another nearby school.

On Thursday, we began the day at a new school and were able to share the Gospel message with the entire school. The program was interactive and got the message across in a clear way involving everyone on the team.  After sharing, we headed over to the house dedication where we shared in the joy of the home recipient. We read scripture as a group, sang Hymns and prayed over the house and the family as it began to rain. Rounded the day out at Robins Bay enjoying God’s creation. 

Friday, the team split into two groups again with some going to enjoy Dunn’s River Falls and the other heading over to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. All in all, a great day of fellowship and enjoying Ocho Rios. By the end of the day, we went into an impactful debrief before heading out to the airport on Saturday morning. 

Cannot say enough about the team from Covenant. They came prepared and were ready to share the Gospel. They met many times beforehand preparing for the trip and working to make it as successful as they could, and it all paid off. They were a team of selfless families who wanted to give God the Glory and they were blessed as He worked through them and the people of Jamaica this week. 

Looking forward to this team again next year!