CSI Jamaica Staff Member Secures Land

To all of us who have traveled to CSI Jamaica we can testify to the fact that our Jamaican staff are the heartbeat of much of what we do there. Over the years many missionaries have dedicated time to the ministry coming and going as led.  Likewise, many of us have traveled for years volunteering to serve in so many impactful ways. In all of these experiences, long and short, once or often, we have been blessed by well prepared food, a clean and cheery place to visit and rest, well cared for grounds, safety at night and great guidance on the job sites. The CSI Jamaican staff, often working behind the scenes, but other times front and center (Is Pinto ever behind the scenes?) have been the consistency through the years for CSI.
We would like to honor them and tangibly show our love and care in a practical way. Several have needs that have been glaring unmet with the inability for teams to travel for two years and their loss of a full income. Our wish is to repair or replace staff homes as each one’s situation dictates. Most need repair as termites have been actively chowing down in indiscriminate ways. Eli needs a floor, Pearlene needs some flooring and a small room replaced while the plan for Pinto is to build a whole house (Her current one is becoming irreparable). Oney and Brad need some concrete work additions and repairs as well.
We are working to raise funds for materials and volunteers willing to help build and repair. If you would like to financially help please give to the “Jamaican staff fund”. If you would like to travel to work, a team is forming for July 2-9 to build Pinto’s new home. A group from Cincinnati the week prior will be helping with others as time allows. Those dates do not work? Let us know a good time that you can travel and we will share other options. Contact us at 765-286-0711 or email us at csi@csiministries.net for more information.