Dadcamp Jamaica

DADCAMP Jamaica: Building Stronger Dads

DADCAMP team of four men from Indiana came into town in April. The goal of the trip was to build stronger dads in the way that God has intended them to be. The team walked the streets of Annotto Bay during the day, talking and praying with men. During the evenings, they worked at Annotto Bay Baptist church bringing Dads in and sharing the DADCAMP message of strengthening and encouraging dads and their relationships with their children. We saw over 20 Dads come in this week and were able to share the gospel with them and God’s way of dad’s leading the family.

The dads that came participated in fun games to break the ice. Then they heard a message from the team while the kids broke off to work on a gift for their dad. Then the dads had one on one time to talk with their children before ending the evening by giving their kids a blessing piece. The blessing piece was a piece of wood that each dad made special by writing specific messages for their child. It was amazing to see these dads give these special pieces to their children and share why they wrote what they wrote about them. The highlight of the week was having one gentleman commit his life to Jesus because of the message that was brought forward. It was a great week serving the Lord in the local church! We look forward to bringing the team down again to work with more dads in the future.

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