Parkview Youth Build!

CSI groups having been making beds to share with foster children, DCS families, churches meeting needs for families and people in recovery situations for close to two years now.  Groups as varied as VBS kids, scouting groups, local men’s and women’s groups and a team from a rescue mission have made beds to share. Many various individuals and groups have generously raised funds to make this endeavor happen as well. So, what do you do with the left-over scraps from the bed builds? (Picture of Boards here?)

CSI recently challenged some bed building volunteers to be creative with the scrap lumber left from building a bed (other than firewood for roasting marshmallows!). Tossing around several ideas and some very creative designs and prototypes we ended up with a very sturdy and usable bedside table. Now with most beds delivered we are able to include a small table where one can place those things that we all seem to want to keep nearby.

Thanks to Parkview UMC’s youth and staff for spending an evening making bedside tables to place in homes with the beds. A bit timid to start the group did an outstanding job learning to make the tables then carefully and meticulously assembling ten for the evening. Learning new skills to start became more routine as confidence rose and laughter pushed out hesitancy and doubt. They did an amazing job and were a joy and delight to witness serving. Thanks for the evening!

Currently CSI has placed 180 beds to families and agencies and the need does not seem to be slowing down. Would your Sunday School class, Youth Group, Bible Study Group or community organization consider sponsoring beds at $300 a piece? This includes the materials to build, a new mattress, sheets, pillow and a comforter. Many are delivered and set up for the families when needed and as confidentiality allows. Entertain bringing a group to the NAM workshop at Swayzee, Indiana to build those beds and bedside tables too. If you wish, we will place the beds in your county or the area where you live for you to impact your community.

Contact us at (800) 286-5773 or for more information or to sponsor a build!