From the moment we got off the plane to the moment we departed, I felt God moving in my life.

Our evening times of worship, teaching, and sharing were God-inspired.

There really is nothing like taking a mission trip to revitalize your walk with God.  Somehow God is just easier to hear when we are serving Him through missions.  Your trip with CSI is structured so that your unique skills and gifts can be used to influence others with the love of Christ.  Whether it is evangelism, music, teaching, construction, medical, or your specific passion – there is a place for you on a CSI trip.  You will be a different person after you time serving on a mission trip.

Your partnership with CSI Ministries will reap eternal rewards both around the world and here at home.

Over the past fifty years we have facilitated short-term mission trips to Haiti, Guatemala, Belize, Jamaica, Northern Ireland and the United States.  Our service in each country is unique to the need of that culture and community.  Currently, we have three countries where we are serving and have missionaries.  Our short-term mission trips to each geographic location can be a short as a long 4 day weekend (in the U.S.) or a 7 day (outside the U.S.).  We currently operate as a host to many medical students and outreach programs for more than a week.

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