CSI in Belize

CSI has been serving in the Western Paradise area of Belize for fifteen years.  From helping with schools and churches to meeting the needs of local familes.  CSI is on the ground in Belize and making an impact.

We have partnered with The Word at Work to build First Stone Church.  As we wrapped up the finishing touches to the church, we helped start the preschool on the lower level. Serving in Belize could include working on an existing church building or school.  There is a need for teams to help finish or enhance an existing project.

We were able to do the same thing in Belize City several years ago with the Presbyterian Church when they started the preschool in the back of the church. Unity School now has a two story building with  pver 250 students plus staff. GOD IS GOOD! 
CSI has also formed a partnership with Stella Maris School also located in Belize City. Stella Maris deals with children ranging from ages four through eighteen years of age living with a wide range of disabilities.
CSI has several teams planned in 2020 and 2021. Teachers are needed who can go to Belize and share ideas and encourage staff to help them be better equipped to teach and encourage their students. Team members are also need to help repair and paint classrooms.  Nursing opportunities are always available as are students.

Serving in Belize

If you are interested in going on a trip to Belize contact
Kip Worrel at kip@csiministries.net or at 765-661-0908

Ready to learn more about serving in Belize?

Hear about a great example of the impact from a team serving with CSI 15 years ago in Belize with Pastor Jimmi Jones and the Kingdom Life Ministries. Over the years, CSI has be been blessed to serve with them and impact their church, business, and community.  The simple act of building a small storage shed impacted their church and pre-school, business and ultimately enabled them to serve God in a greater capacity.  Your smallest acts can have the greatest impact when they are done with kingdom purpose!

“I experienced God through all the amazing people I met that have given their lives to serving and loving the people of Belize.”

“I experienced God through my trip through all of the little moments and relationships I made with all of the children from school.”

“I experienced the love God has for each any every believer around the world. I was greatly impacted by the joy and contentment that the people of Belize constantly expressed, despite their troubling circumstances. I learned that attitude, gratefulness, and contentment go a long way. ”

What to know, before you go to serve in Belize

What does it cost? $850 for a 7-night trip + air (project costs are additional)

What are we going to do? Ministry that fits you and your group. We will do our best to customize your trip to your gifts.  Some options include construction, evangelism, praise & worship, sports, VBS.

Is it Safe? A CSI staff person will be with you the entire trip,  from airport pick up to drop off

What are we going to eat? Many Belizian dishes are similar to Mexican food

Where are we going to stay? We have housed teams in a local hotel for years

What should I take? Clothes for a church service, work clothes, tennis shoes, swimsuit & beach towel, bug spray

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