Serving in Jamaica

CSI mission teams have been serving in Jamaica since the mid-1970’s with full time staff since 1988. During that time thousands of Jamaicans have been ministered to through close, personal interaction with team members. Each ministry project, from VBS to house building, is intended to deepen a team member’s relationship with the Lord, while also building relationships with fellow team members, missionaries and the Jamaicans they work closely with.

If you have an idea for ministry in Jamaica, that is not referenced below, contact CSI and let us see what we can do for you.

Mission Opportunities Offered in Jamaica:

“Being able to serve these women by washing their feet helped me see what it truly means to be a servant to others in the name of Christ.”

“Bonds between fellow missionaries and locals who are employed by CSI is perfect example of Gods love.”

“I experienced Gods love watching the mother of 4 children who we built for sob as she sat on her brand new bed.”

“When the houses were dedicated and handed over to new owners you could see Christ’s love in action in the faces of the recipients.”

What to know before you go to serve in Jamaica

What does it cost? $800 for a 7 night trip departing from the Mission house (Project costs are additional)

What are we going to do? Ministry that fits you and your group. We will do our best to customize your trip to your gifts.  Some options:  Construction, Evangelism, Praise & Worship, Sports or VBS

Is it Safe? A CSI staff person will be with you from airport pick up to drop off

What are we going to eat?  Many Jamaica dishes consisting of chicken and rice along with some American dishes.

Where are we going to stay? In Highgate, CSI has a 5 bedroom house that sleeps 48. Bedding and towels are provided.

What should I take?  Clothes for a church service, work clothes, tennis shoes, swimsuit, bug spray, and sunscreen

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Construction Projects

Small Homes | Big Impact

Homes can change a family’s life for generations.  In the Highgate, St Mary’s parish where the CSI mission house is located, we have been building homes since Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.  Our response to the need then is the same today as it was then.  Impacting lives in the name of Christ for generations.  A simple structure without running water or the comforts of most in the U.S. is a huge blessing to these families in Jamaica.

Our waiting list for homes is in the hundreds, the need is there.  Most teams are able to manage to build more than one home during their trip. CSI Jamaica is working with the local Pastors Fraternal organization to help define who is the home recipient.  The church will partner with CSI on the build and often supplies the meals during the week, worship, and manages to come alongside the entire process to ensure the family is cared for after the build is complete.

“No Hammer Required” is true.  Any former building or construction experience is NOT required.  CSI has everything you need including the tools.   A typical home is 10′ x 10′ or 10′ x 20′.  We are able to supply a bed and a few amenities.

Lumber and material prices may vary.  In 2021 our average home costs $4,500-5,000 US.

Student Support | JSSP

As more and more short term mission teams began to minister in St. Mary Parish, it became apparent there were children who were not attending school. They were on the streets or hanging around their homes. With unemployment at a very high level and reliable and affordable transportation to distant schools a very real impediment, many families simply could not afford to send their children to school every day. The need for assistance became clear, and the Jamaica Student Support Program (JSSP) began in 1990 as a part of CSI Ministries’ outreach in the Highgate area.

The JSSP continues to be funded by many helping hands. Supporters are able to sponsor a primary, high school, or college student and assist with the funding needed to assure the student’s attendance each day. A supporter’s financial assistance helps a student with things such as taxi fare, lunch money, books, fees and uniforms. Equally important, when a supporter writes letters of encouragement to their student, a new bond forms and new worlds are opened up to the supporter and to the student. It is a wonderful gift for the student just knowing that someone is interested in them and encouraging them to realize their God-given abilities. When a supporter goes back to Jamaica for a visit, they are connected with their student and their family.

A small investment of as little as thirty dollars a month can change the direction and open doors for a student.

Community Outreach

Bringing people closer to Christ through short term missions is our passion. Some love building a small house or repairing a church sharing about Jesus as they hammer and paint. While others have a passion for community outreach using their skills and talents sharing through a Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, Sports Outreach, Sewing class, and so much more. You may find yourself with a local pastor or CSI missionary in “path evangelism”, praying with patients at a hospital or distributing food with a church’s outreach. There are many ways to share the love of Jesus and engage in discipleship; maybe you have one we haven’t even thought of yet?
Do you want to explore serving longer than a normal team week? We would love to share about internships or full time missionary service.

The WAY Jamaica

It is exciting to see God’s people grow deeper in faith while building stronger bonds in the body of Christ. The Way is a retreat weekend facilitated periodically at the CSI Guesthouse which  brings people from various denominations to focus on Jesus while serving one another.  Through worship, personal testimonies, teaching, good food and fellowship a mix of Jamaican and American leaders walk guests through a faith-challenging weekend. Men and women’s The Way weekends are held separately and one must have attended The Way or a similar denominational retreat to serve in leadership.

Jamaica Missionaries and Staff













Many of our Jamaica staff have served with us since the 1990’s. They enjoy serving those who come on mission trips and you will be blessed in getting to know them. 

Many people have served as long term missionaries in Jamaica throughout the years.

  • Deirdre Graham Discipleship and Outreach Coordinator – Women
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