The Abraham Dorm Project!

Answering the call for a need at the Pringle Home for Children!

A team that visited CSI Jamaica last year left behind funds for a ‘project’ at the Home!  CSI Jamaican staff have been working up there and helping bring this project to life!  Watch the video interview and also see how you can continue to make an impact up at the Pringle Home!

Mrs. Janette Rose-Bryan, our Director at Pringle Home for Children was so thankful for the opportunity to use the donated funds to refurbish and improve the younger girls’ dormitory call Abraham Dorm.

Check out the BEFORE and AFTER photos of the projects:

  • Replacing missing window panels
  • Purchasing and installing toilet seats
  • Fixing plumbing for our showers and face basins
  • Replacing bathroom doors for improved privacy
  • Re-painting furniture, etc.

Since this is the home for girls ages 8-12  we’d love for them to feel comfortable as well as truly safe so this is a great blessing to them!  Thank you to the team that supported this project!  Prayerfully consider helping us fund the next project, the Therapy Room makeover.

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