Parkview Youth Build!

CSI groups having been making beds to share with foster children, DCS families, churches meeting needs for families and people in recovery situations for close to two years now.  Groups as varied as VBS kids, scouting groups, local men’s and women’s groups and a team from a rescue mission have made beds to share. Many various individuals and groups have generously raised funds to make this endeavor happen as well. So, what do you do with the left-over scraps from the bed builds? (Picture of Boards here?)

CSI recently challenged some bed building volunteers to be creative with the scrap lumber left from building a bed (other than firewood for roasting marshmallows!). Tossing around several ideas and some very creative designs and prototypes we ended up with a very sturdy and usable bedside table. Now with most beds delivered we are able to include a small table where one can place those things that we all seem to want to keep nearby.

Thanks to Parkview UMC’s youth and staff for spending an evening making bedside tables to place in homes with the beds. A bit timid to start the group did an outstanding job learning to make the tables then carefully and meticulously assembling ten for the evening. Learning new skills to start became more routine as confidence rose and laughter pushed out hesitancy and doubt. They did an amazing job and were a joy and delight to witness serving. Thanks for the evening!

Currently CSI has placed 180 beds to families and agencies and the need does not seem to be slowing down. Would your Sunday School class, Youth Group, Bible Study Group or community organization consider sponsoring beds at $300 a piece? This includes the materials to build, a new mattress, sheets, pillow and a comforter. Many are delivered and set up for the families when needed and as confidentiality allows. Entertain bringing a group to the NAM workshop at Swayzee, Indiana to build those beds and bedside tables too. If you wish, we will place the beds in your county or the area where you live for you to impact your community.

Contact us at (800) 286-5773 or for more information or to sponsor a build!

Dadcamp Jamaica

DADCAMP Jamaica: Building Stronger Dads

DADCAMP team of four men from Indiana came into town in April. The goal of the trip was to build stronger dads in the way that God has intended them to be. The team walked the streets of Annotto Bay during the day, talking and praying with men. During the evenings, they worked at Annotto Bay Baptist church bringing Dads in and sharing the DADCAMP message of strengthening and encouraging dads and their relationships with their children. We saw over 20 Dads come in this week and were able to share the gospel with them and God’s way of dad’s leading the family.

The dads that came participated in fun games to break the ice. Then they heard a message from the team while the kids broke off to work on a gift for their dad. Then the dads had one on one time to talk with their children before ending the evening by giving their kids a blessing piece. The blessing piece was a piece of wood that each dad made special by writing specific messages for their child. It was amazing to see these dads give these special pieces to their children and share why they wrote what they wrote about them. The highlight of the week was having one gentleman commit his life to Jesus because of the message that was brought forward. It was a great week serving the Lord in the local church! We look forward to bringing the team down again to work with more dads in the future.

If you want to know more about this great organization and participate in a DADCAMP in the United States, please visit:

CSI Jamaica Staff Member Secures Land

To all of us who have traveled to CSI Jamaica we can testify to the fact that our Jamaican staff are the heartbeat of much of what we do there. Over the years many missionaries have dedicated time to the ministry coming and going as led.  Likewise, many of us have traveled for years volunteering to serve in so many impactful ways. In all of these experiences, long and short, once or often, we have been blessed by well prepared food, a clean and cheery place to visit and rest, well cared for grounds, safety at night and great guidance on the job sites. The CSI Jamaican staff, often working behind the scenes, but other times front and center (Is Pinto ever behind the scenes?) have been the consistency through the years for CSI.
We would like to honor them and tangibly show our love and care in a practical way. Several have needs that have been glaring unmet with the inability for teams to travel for two years and their loss of a full income. Our wish is to repair or replace staff homes as each one’s situation dictates. Most need repair as termites have been actively chowing down in indiscriminate ways. Eli needs a floor, Pearlene needs some flooring and a small room replaced while the plan for Pinto is to build a whole house (Her current one is becoming irreparable). Oney and Brad need some concrete work additions and repairs as well.
We are working to raise funds for materials and volunteers willing to help build and repair. If you would like to financially help please give to the “Jamaican staff fund”. If you would like to travel to work, a team is forming for July 2-9 to build Pinto’s new home. A group from Cincinnati the week prior will be helping with others as time allows. Those dates do not work? Let us know a good time that you can travel and we will share other options. Contact us at 765-286-0711 or email us at for more information.

First Jamaica Team in over two years! (Post 2)

If you have not read the previous post, please see the link below:

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Wednesday through Saturday were just as good as the previous two days on the island. On Wednesday the team started on the work site and did a devotion before the team split for the day. The work site team worked throughout the day to wrap up the home for dedication on Thursday. Team 2 went down and worked in a school to tutor children one on one that were behind from no school during Covid. They worked with many children all needing different skills. One child was able to write his name for the first time which was a great success. The team did a great job at nor only working with the kids but connecting. We were able to promote the VBS through this activity as well. 

As night rolled around the VBS began. There were over 100 children on day two. Started again with worship and sharing the Gospel message. By the end of the VBS, 66 young people made the decision to follow Jesus for the first time. We could not have been more excited as the night ended. Before leaving the church, the team took time to practice their Bible lesson for the morning with another nearby school.

On Thursday, we began the day at a new school and were able to share the Gospel message with the entire school. The program was interactive and got the message across in a clear way involving everyone on the team.  After sharing, we headed over to the house dedication where we shared in the joy of the home recipient. We read scripture as a group, sang Hymns and prayed over the house and the family as it began to rain. Rounded the day out at Robins Bay enjoying God’s creation. 

Friday, the team split into two groups again with some going to enjoy Dunn’s River Falls and the other heading over to swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. All in all, a great day of fellowship and enjoying Ocho Rios. By the end of the day, we went into an impactful debrief before heading out to the airport on Saturday morning. 

Cannot say enough about the team from Covenant. They came prepared and were ready to share the Gospel. They met many times beforehand preparing for the trip and working to make it as successful as they could, and it all paid off. They were a team of selfless families who wanted to give God the Glory and they were blessed as He worked through them and the people of Jamaica this week. 

Looking forward to this team again next year!

First Jamaica Team in over two years! (Post 1)

Over the next two days, we will be sharing about the way God worked in Jamaica during the week of March 14th. The team was ready and prepared to bring the Gospel to the nation of Jamaica and through their faithfulness God revealed Himself in many ways. 

The team, made up of families and staff from Covenant Church in North Carolina, experienced a 2-day delay as they arrived at the airport on Saturday morning. This didn’t stop them from coming into Jamaica on Monday afternoon ready to get to work. The week’s plan was to build a house near the mission house, just outside Highgate Jamaica, during the day, and do a Vacation Bible School at Annotto Bay Baptist Church during the evening. As the week unfolded, they were able to witness God moving on the jobsite and in the Vacation Bible School.

Monday and Tuesday: The Covenant Team got into town, got some Jerk Chicken, and went back to the mission house. Had an Orientation which included Pastor Travis Drummond from Annotto Bay Baptist Church. Went over what the week was going to look like and what to expect from the Jamaican culture. 

On Tuesday, the team gathered on the jobsite and were able to meet the home recipient. We had a short devotion together and then broke into two groups. The Construction group stayed on the site all day putting together the floor and the walls for the home. Many on the team experienced construction in a new way and were excited to learn and get to use a hammer and the saws. The second group went down to Annotto Bay and set up and prepared for the VBS that evening. The group also went on a prayer walk through the community, praying for the community as they were able to walk along the seaside and see a new piece of Jamaica. 

In the evening, the team headed down to the VBS in Annotto Bay with 84 kids coming in the first night. They led a great session of worship and a short Bible story before the kids broke out into groups doing games outside, a craft with beads, and a small group time where the kids learned a new Bible verse and went over the gospel theme for the night. The team worked together, and everyone used their talents for the Lord. They shared the Gospel in a very kid-friendly way, and the local children were more than excited to be apart of the event. 

More to come tomorrow!

Jamaica Awareness trip opportunity!

We would love to invite pastors and mission leaders to experience CSI’s Jamaica ministry firsthand. Arriving on Monday August 22 and departing on Saturday we will stay at the CSI guesthouse getting a feel for what a mission team would experience. We will travel seeing ongoing projects, visit local school and ministry partners while enjoying Jamaican food, friends and the countryside. One day will be spent introducing Jamaican pastors to an abbreviated The Way retreat giving us time to worship, pray and visit our Jamaican counterparts.

If you have not been to CSI Jamaica before, for the cost of airfare plus $200 we would invite you to travel with us! For more information contact John Key at or 765-661-4034.